The Bible has been and continues to be the world’s best seller.  It is probably the most slandered book that has ever been written. 
It has been attacked as no other book has been attacked.  Yet it ministers to millions of people around the world, and has been
doing this now for several thousand years.  No other book has had so many books written about it like the Bible. 


Though there are many books that help readers understand the content of the Bible, few explain the origins.  This study will provide
an overview of how the Bible was first inspired, recognized, read as sacred literature, copied in ancient Hebrew and Greek manuscripts,
and translated into the different languages of the world.


This Bible study will deal with:  

I) The Authority and Inspiration of the Bible

II) The Writers of the Bible

III) The Three Methods God Used to form the Bible

IV) The Two Testaments

V) Why the Child of God Should Study the Word of God, and

VI) The Different Functions of the Bible